Communicating about a grant is one way to maximize the impact of an organizations work and mission. As a new grantee, you may be interested in sharing news of your grant award with your network.

的 below offers guidelines for any communications related to a grant we award. 这包括关于名称使用的信息, 标志的使用, 组织的描述, 新闻稿, 引言和社交媒体.


Once a grant agreement is finalized, you may consider letting your audience know about it. 的re are a variety of ways to announce your grant award, 包括通过新闻发布, 文章, 电子邮件和社交媒体.

Below you will find information on how to reference og体育app平台 in your communications. 额外的问题, 通过电子邮件og体育app 或致电 .


的 name of our organization is “og体育app平台.” Please reference us as “og体育app平台” on first reference. For any subsequent references, you may reference us as “the Foundation.”


的 Foundation’s high-resolution, four-color logo can be 下载供您使用. If you’re using our logo on a dark or patterned background, please 下载我们的白色标志. 该标志在EPS中可用, JPEG and PNG formats and in three different orientations – centered, 水平和垂直. You’re welcome to use whatever format and orientation that works best for you. Please note: our logo should not altered or distorted.


If you’d like to include a description of our work at the Foundation, 请使用下面的陈述. Please note: this information should not be revised.

  • og体育app平台 is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, 政策宣传, 学习和能力建设.


Your organization may want to share the news of your new grant award with local or statewide media outlets. 这 新闻发布模板 is designed to help you draft that communication.


If you’re interested in including a quote from the Foundation in your press release, please 联系你的项目负责人 讨论.


的 Foundation is active on the following social media platforms. We encourage you to follow us and tag us in posts related to your grant award using hashtag #COHealth.

For additional questions or information on communicating about your grant, please contact your assigned program officer or 通过电子邮件og体育app 或致电 .


的 通信知识中心 was produced by 进步的促销活动. Included are online tools and a series of educational presentations that were designed for a specific group of grantees. 的 tools and information contained in this Center are intended to provide education and resources to any person interested in learning more about communications. 问题? 联系 世界堡,高级传播总监.


How you talk about - and visually present - your organization drives every experience that people have with you. 的se resources explain brand and how to create effective messages.




需要帮助发布新闻稿? 我们的 新闻发布模板 is designed to help you write an effective news release that garners the media attention you’re after.

From non-paid posts to ad strategy to design, these resources will help you select the platforms you need to be on and craft effective digital materials.



Stats to measure your organization off of:

提示 & 技巧:


Every great communicator needs a network of experts and free resources to stay in-the-know. 的se resources include ways to engage with others in the field, along with ideas and solutions.

  • 通信网络 offers a free, online service to help nonprofits avoid jargon in their written materials.
  • 的 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 国家健康营销中心 offers myriad tools and resources for health communicators. 的 资源和工具 page provides campaign creation tools, media resources, templates and much more. 
  • 基威湖Leroux米勒 is the author of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.